Good article but the particular mindblower is ... 3 of 4 with UNCOMPRESSED keys?? wtf bitmex

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@waxwing would this help them get their vanity addresses? "3bmex...."


Oh, are you asking whether the use of uncompressed keys would help generate a vanity address more easily?

I think the answer should be no. My reason: you basically have to grind the pubkey (i.e. try random pubkeys over and over again) until you get a desired prefix. The fact that it's 3 of 4 doesn't really change it; you could just grind 1 or all.
But using uncompressed doesn't make that faster, if anything, slightly slower.

@farmerwampum (why "slightly slower", only because you're feeding a bit more data into the hashing algo. But this is likely not a realistic issue. This weird choice, if I had to bet, was to do with using some very old software (e.g. some old version of Armory, or something custom from way back when).

@waxwing @farmerwampum I think so too. I guess it was build sometime in 2014 and never iterated upon.

I believe they iterate one of the four pubkeys to find the vanity address and use the other three for the multisig.

I saw a lot of the pubkeys being reused and others never being reused. However, didn't check to which pubkeys the signatures belong to.

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