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And here is the August edition. Enjoy!


A couple of points:
On the payjoin section, note what's new is BIP 78 (I don't think you linked it?), and the final sentence seems to suggest that compatibility is something still under discussion, but it is already done, at least, from spending side - so a JM user can pay a Wasabi user with this (including to Tor HS endpoint).

On the Joininbox thing: it's very misleading to describe this as a GUI for Joinmarket; we've had that for 4 years and it's vastly improved recently; (1/2)


see github.com/JoinMarket-Org/join plus various video guides linked in the readme.md. These are mostly up to date, though not 100%.

Additionally I have recently been working on a demonstration of a Javascript web/electron style cross platform client: x0f.org/@waxwing/1047113196556

(Also there is a Maker-in-Qt PR that has been languishing because I didn't get much positive response: github.com/JoinMarket-Org/join )

Now, of course, what Joininbox *does* do (and is great for this) is support Maker (2/n)

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... functionality on a RPi with a graphical menu for controlling the bot; it's a stretch to call this a "GUI for Joinmarket" although technically it is, it will mislead people to say that.

(3/3 maybe).

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