A well written article on the extremely disappointing situation with Mozilla:

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@waxwing Excellent article 👍
What I haven't seen mentioned in any article I've read on the subject, is the situation with Android.
Chrome is the default browser on Android and therefor likely provides a seamless browsing integration among the user's devices, making the desire to switch to Firefox even harder.
It's effectively the same as Windows bundling IE and IMO regulators should force G👀gle to the same thing as they forced M$: require a browser choice screen on first launch

@waxwing @FreePietje I'd be very interested in help funding a replacement through a crowdfunder or some kind!

If only we lived in a world where it would be easy to get people to put money together to fund other people's work 😅

@stevenroose @waxwing Do you think the Mozilla organization needs replacement? If so, why?

I do think the CEO and probably more management positions (and Blake's enablers) need replacement, but I think a.whole new org is likely DOA and not needed.

@FreePietje @waxwing I don't know how Mozilla governance works. But I can imagine it might be a lot harder to replace management that can pay out itself millions than to build an alternative and convince engineers to migrate. All their products are open-source. The name Firefox clearly is not that valuable anymore.
If they come with a novel governance promise and no secretly-for-profit bullshit, I'm convinced many sponsors would also migrate.

@stevenroose @waxwing I think the Firefox and Mozilla brand are still valuable (probably less then before, but still) and starting a new org/brand too hard.
I *assume* replacing management isn't too hard, but I too don't know how the current governance works, so you may be right.

AFAIK the situation isn't (yet?) like OpenOffice, so getting all devs to migrate seems more daunting. But that too is an assumption.

@FreePietje @waxwing They should rebrand as a cooperative where everyone can be a shareholder and everyone is limited in the maximum number of shares they can hold. They'd be the perfect kind of organisation to pull off a digital/online shareholder meeting and with a live voting mechanism.

@stevenroose @waxwing I guess it all depends on where the problem/blame really lies, the person or the organization.
I don't have any special insight to determine that.

As soon as Blake's salary started to rise so quickly, I got the impression that she wanted to be the typical CEO. Primarily interested in making a name for herself and her own wealth, instead of being a prudent steward of a nonprofit organization.

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