I thought this was a rather interesting read, if you have some level of understanding of physics.
I can't help feeling that until the measurement problem in quantum mechanics is *properly* resolved (and yes I'm directly contradicting one of the author's points), then more concrete problems like this one will also not 'yield'.

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@waxwing hmm the same sort of thought came to me while reading this ('point three' in particular). The observer effect is a very strange thing, there isn't really any concrete explanation for what/why it is there.

& without a good understanding of this quantum effect, how can we hope to make conclusions about what seems to be another instance of quantum irreversibility? It doesn't necessarily seem to be intuitive either, considering the oddness of quantum erasure experiments.

@waxwing good read though! I'm no expert in this sort of depth of physics, but I feel like the article did a good job of helping further my understanding of the meta of the topic.

Another thought that is more playful-- I can't help but be reminded of Gödel's theorem, which is maybe ironic in light of the 'doing the math vs doing the science' bit at the end (ie, if approaching from a pure math standpoint, you should be aware that a complete and consistent description cannot exist!).

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