Been experimenting with btcpayserver, pleased to see that it's actually not too hard to set up a full node with btc and lightning support, and pretty trivial to add things like donation pages, a *lot* of functionality under the hood. I'm also using it exclusively over Tor HS for now, i.e. no domains (which are always a bit annoying).

You can even donate using payjoin at the link on .. I tested it and it worked first time :)

LN next :)

One nice detail I wasn't aware of until I'd actually tried it out: when you pay with payjoin, btcpayserver actually creates a record of the non-coinjoin transaction in the invoice details, and then crosses it out and replaces it with the payjoin when that has been created and broadcast successfully.

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I think it's a nice self-hosted donations option with good privacy and good usability; I added the link to this profile and my github profile too. v3 onions are kinda long though ...

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Seems like Lightning donations are now working on this too. If you want to throw me a few sats, try:


I can send them back if you like (assuming I figure out how :) ).

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