Here is a "hot take" ... I kind of believe it myself, but I know others would disagree:

This website is a very bad thing:

not that it's dangerous in itself; but miners-qua-miners have NO say in protocol upgrades, that is the lesson they should have learnt from 2017, but don't want to. Just because you might like their opinion, doesn't change that.

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@waxwing arguing the contrary: 1) it's important for upgrades not to break things wherever possible, so miners indicating whether they expect problems upgrading is as important as any other problems would be. 2) hashpower enforcement reduces the risk to unupgraded nodes, so miners upgrading has positive externalities. 3) people politely expressing opinions on the internet is never a bad thing, even if their opinion is worthless


yes, these are all good points, of course I was aware of them .. "very bad thing" is hyperbolic on my part, but still, the negative externality ... (forgive me for just pasting what i said on IRC:)

<waxwing> ... i also slightly worry that we are using this as our schelling point of how we decide to start the activation process ..
<waxwing> general public (and maybe more importantly miners) may see it as, miners are deciding to activate taproot.

perhaps there is a balance somewhere.

@waxwing we need to get 0.21.0 out, and fix the bugs in the bip8 patches, merge and backport them, and release 0.21.x with activation params set. This might inform that if there's particular technical issues found, or a clear consensus that miners will act faster or slower than otherwise expected, but otherwise I don't think it's critical path per se.

@waxwing I think the balance to aim for is more people involved on the technical side. Otoh "here are my preferred parameters" isn't ideal for reaching consensus/compromise - these are the problems I see, these changes would improve things, and these are the tradeoffs would be better imo. But one step at a time.

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