I'm calling it now: 2021 is the year of taproot on the desktop.

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@waxwing hard to fathom that taproot beat both "wifi on linux" and "printing on linux". All on desktop of course. What a spectacular turn of events.

@kalle @waxwing My wifi has been fine for years. Printing on the other hand...

@BitcoinLizard @raucao @kalle i agree about the wifi. For printing, I never even tried. I can't remember the last time I used one tbh!

@BitcoinLizard @raucao @waxwing Thank you Lizard! I've now replaced my ancient OKI printer (the one that often prints only "PCL Error: ...." or "Invalid page range: ..." on every page) with a HP printer. Works like a charm. No setup needed.

I've known for a long time that HP works well on Linux, but you gave me that final push. Seems 2021 is the year of linux printing.

@kalle @raucao @waxwing
Great printing, great WiFi, and a first class citizen for almost any #bitcoin software. You can't beat it!

Is 2021 the year of the #linux desktop?

@kalle @BitcoinLizard @raucao @waxwing Hmm, this is weird. I've always considered HP's printing offering pure scammy garbage. I've known way too many HP printers that die or refuse ink cartridges right after the 2 year warranty expires. Wasn't HP once caught with actually programming their printers to DoS after 2 years? I vouched to not touch anything HP anymore.
This datapoint is interesting, though.

@stevenroose @kalle @raucao @waxwing
I would say for ink jet printers from like 10 years ago I share your experience. I recently purchased a $200-$300 laser jet printer with wired Ethernet. With the hplip driver installed it has been flawless on several Arch Linux systems. Also several Chromebooks print to it on the local network. No complaints from any of my "users". As for the longevity of the printer, I'll let you know in a couple years.

@BitcoinLizard @stevenroose @kalle @raucao @waxwing ugh, chromebooks printing only through the LAN has caused me much headache in the past. Ended up running crouton on top, but still intermittent issues arise with the Brother laser printer I have plugged into it. Might have to look at HP when that printer eventually dies..

@htimsxela @stevenroose @kalle @raucao @waxwing
Originally I used google cloudprint with the Chromebooks which worked perfectly. That wasn't a great solution for any number of reasons but it was easy to setup and reliable. Since they killed cloudprint I switched to direct print which has also been trouble free. I get the impression direct print has been improved recently since cloudprint was going away. Also since it's HP the Chromebook seems to have a good driver.

@stevenroose @BitcoinLizard @raucao @waxwing Ouch, bad vibes. We'll see in two years, I guess. Couldn't [easily] find any such reports, do you have a link?

@kalle @BitcoinLizard @raucao @waxwing I don't. I could Google but tbh it's something I remember reading some years ago, I'm sure I didn't really care about the source (confirmation bias because of my own bad experiences 😅).
We have an OKI right now. It's lasting good. My gf on het Mac has more often trouble printing than I. I need to fix the IP manually in my router though. And it often complaints about complex pdf's so I have to simplify them by printing to a file 😅

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