After about 24h it looks to me like v3 onions are back up. We live to fight another day, albeit on *very* borrowed time.

Somehow world feels like it's going crazy all of a sudden. American political madness ratcheted up big time, Tor getting nuked, Bitcoin market going insane both directions, and our cozy little Mastodon forum blowing up as well :)

@mattodell @waxwing would this affect me being able to login to BTCPay Server? I’ve tried everything and I can’t login or reset password.

@Jpaq @mattodell i don't see how it could cause a login failure if you have the instance setup to accept connections over https ? i have mine serving only over *.onion so it was entirely blocked for me (no site access full stop, not a login issue).

@waxwing @mattodell I’m using my own node through MyNode with a raspberry pi and Tor enabled. When I choose “forgot password” it says it sent an email but I never receive one. I even used all the email addresses I have and nothing ever arrives. Never had a problem until yesterday.

@waxwing @mattodell
I reinstalled BTCPay Server and it let me create a new account. I didn’t have anything to lose from my last account.

@waxwing @mattodell Can confirm, couldn't open Blockstream block explorer few hours ago in Tor Browser (using bookmarked v3 onion address).

@kristapsk @mattodell

now i am seeing them back up. i'm troubled by this because seemed to be saying they'd identified a bug and fixed it, which seemed to be confirmed, but then it went down again temporarily(?). As per original message, we are living on borrowed time with this arch. God knows how we move to anything else.

@waxwing @kristapsk @mattodell The hardest part about replacing Tor is replacing the fact that Tor has US government support. That's probably more useful than it is harmful.

But that said, it'd be no surprise if the fix wasn't 100%, or it took awhile to apply. So I wouldn't panic yet. Bigger issue IMO is the more prosaic one that a massive DDoS attack can take the consensus servers down right now.

@mattodell same. It makes me veryyy uncomfortable when tor is rekt and I have mucho funds on LN

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