Updated raspiblitz and got 0.21.1 up and running.

The update process (to 1.7.0 of raspiblitz, in this case) is a little involved, with several steps, because of manually flashing SD card, but the steps are pretty clear and nothing went wrong. (also there are easy ways to get backups of your LN stuff). The new bitcoind update is nice and simple 👍 All the LN (lnd) stuff seems to be working just as before.

(For non miners, 0.21.1 update is nice but not urgent).

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@waxwing Thanks for the feedback! This "involved" update process was necessary now because the base image was changed to the 64 bit RaspberryPi OS (from 32 bit).
Further on for minor releases (where the base image and script does not change) patching from the UPDATE menu (pulling the changes from the github repo) will work.

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