Joinmarket does 650 BTC or ~ 38M USD volume in one day...

... is the clickbait statistic I would use if I didn't know it's pretty stupid to measure like that 😂

(how? first:
h/t @openoms for using the ` -j` script I recently mentioned on recent blocks - from 682603 to 682795, roughly 1.3 days' worth). From earlier experiments, this is higher than average, but not stupidly so. Also h/t @kristapsk for his transaction parser script for easier reading the output. Data: ...(1/n)

@openoms @kristapsk

... first, I removed duplicates and almost-certain-false-positives (i.e. would have to have used non-standard JM software), by hand, was a little tedious but that extra layer of check helps.

Second, the "volume" figure is kinda dumb: coinjoin amount x number of participants, added up. I think people have discussed figures in this way in the past, dumb or not.

So on to the data:
I see 55 non-false-positives in the 192 block period. Max size is ~14BTC, smallest ~0.002 (2/n)

@openoms @kristapsk
.. and mean/average size of coinjoin amount is 2.14, illustrating how JM tends to get used for larger amounts, logically (since other options for this are limited - that's my surmise).

Number of counterparties min: 3, max: 13 average: 6.9.
Average is lower than we intend, it's mostly (surmise) due to dropouts during negotiation (start by requesting 9, get 7).

Total "volume" = n-cps x cj-amt = 855BTC for the period. As noted at the start, not sure what that means ... (3/n)


@openoms @kristapsk

Finally here's an image of the distribution of the above numbers as a scatter plot:

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