Me vs fraies' "master magician"

(fallen shepherd ft. RabbiTon Strings - ENDYMION):

A very unique and striking piece of music, and the map just blew my mind back in 2019 when i first saw someone beat it - especially the ending.

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@waxwing What kind of computer do you play beatsaber on? I'm kinda interested to have the set of the goggles and the sabers, but I don't want to go purchase a huge desktop machine for it just to sit next to my tv..

@stevenroose yeah it's a tough sell to get what is by any measure a very expensive PC setup, just for this.

So two comments: (1) most VR users are buying Quest 2 nowadays, it is cheap by any standards: I think around $300. Lots of caveats which I won't bore with now, but worth it if you just want to get into VR somehow.

(2) I think the PC setup is worth it if you have a little space, are really an enthusiast for the tech and want to play several things (e.g. vrchat, alyx, beat saber etc).

@stevenroose as for me yeah it's a full on windows pc specifically for this activity, i have a 1080Ti (wish me luck getting anything else), and just generally like "decent" specs without being insane.

@waxwing But do most games, f.e. Beat Saber, work on this Quest 2? (need to search for it)

@waxwing I focus on BS because it's the only VR game I ever played and I liked it :D It was several years ago on one of the first setups but with a big beefy desktop machine and the goggles attached to the desktop with cable etc. I can hardly imagine the Quest 2 (just searched) to have a similar experience.. But who knows.. Moore's law right..

@stevenroose it is more limited computationally but bs works yeah and tons of other things. You'd need to read up on it including Facebook element.

Hi! @waxwing && hello Mr. @stevenroose , how 'bout BS pharma? I bet u got tha @Francispouliot and the Fretter Frettli with muscles hard and Pingu relaxed home at the shootings:

I must bet this Therapy worked out for me so far, N is Kap Bay'or Natur or maybe for me better: 'naturnah' (transkatir fir citton tree? Denim Levy Mouse mouse yellow turns gru[{|

Today lost a present lawyer but fuu this person now go therapy. Hope_fully KitKat is with me for the next journey.

@waxwing @stevenroose @Francispouliot

Was on drugs whole day yesterday and now think Frettor @verretor Murmeli is well said a bit more. I know few Bens irl. Nice Naturepark video:

Murmeli = Murmeltier
Marmeli = Murmeli = marble | marbles

I hope this is not too crazy abuse of words for citation machine-person here. :p 😉 walking on heated marble floor? ever tried that? @giacomozucco ^ wife

I wear a german Thai-women pyjamas now ":-) they let me sleep this morning.

@waxwing @stevenroose @Francispouliot @verretor @giacomozucco
I think, Murmeltier in Grischun Graubünden GR, Switzerland-German is 'Mungge' orally said "Munggä". But could also be Basel, BS swissgerman, because the video comment is in this Dialekt. Hmmmmm 🤔

Baseldyytsch from BS is most close to German.

@verretor @Francispouliot @giacomozucco @stevenroose @waxwing

do my things? i keyboard driver: atlantic cable car U-turn when BS bs on x0f. not yet sure about where i could be when reading x0f things,.............

sry for annoying and ping pong BYOB, i bring at least Notfallschmelztablette 3x. one for @verretor and two for me, just in case

happy weekend. here attached the 20min sports from yesterday!

@verretor @Francispouliot @giacomozucco @stevenroose @waxwing

ok, sorry above. please no DMT in my blood. i could easily die instantly and optic hallucinations me no likey. also could be me no get out of psychedelic drug trips. thaaaaaaaanks!! @elbarto thnx guys safe saver saveur savoirer or so


DMT is very interesting. I like that it only lasts like maybe 15 minutes.

Totally different highs if you eyes are closed vs open.


DMT is very interesting. I like that it only lasts like maybe 15 minutes.

Totally different highs if you eyes are closed vs open.

Welcome to the real world.

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