From my local orderbookwatcher this morning:

> 6 fidelity bonds found with 13.99603543 BTC total locked up

Well that escalated quickly (one day after the release).

(Sometimes you forget that there are users out there for whom 10 bitcoins is something you can lose down the side of the sofa)

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@waxwing well, Sybil attackers now have to lock a bit more sats...


And now 52.
I'm going to be the negative nancy that points out: it's to lock up significant funds for 6 months+ into a system that launched 4 days ago! Look at locktimes:

@waxwing @openoms On the other hand, I like it when joinmarket becomes harder to attack

@beachbardave @openoms not 100% sure I'm interpreting your question right, but: Joinmarket is different from other coinjoin implementations in that *any* amount is possible. That's the point of the market model: the taker gets to choose the amount. The restriction a taker faces is that only makers whose "offer range" encompasses their amount, can be chosen by the taker.

Example if a taker wants to do a coinjoin for 0.212 he can choose maker A (from 0.01 to 0.88) but not B(from 0.01 to 0.2).

@waxwing @openoms ahh OK, still not looked into it properly as I've been slowly moving KYCed corn through whirlpool and onto Blitz. JM is next on my list if things to try.

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