There seems to be some chatter out there about "Bitcoin is violence" (currently listening to citadel dispatch).

There's an old pattern here - see how public key crypto was treated as munitions in the 90s. The problem I have is that no one ever points out the obvious - use of cryptography is 0% violence and 100% defence - it's like armor, not in any way like a weapon.


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The finesse is the idea of "abstraction of violence" is close to "abstraction of power" and that's what i was kinda waffling about in last year's blog post ( )

Perhaps Bitcoin is "transcendence of violence".

@waxwing They're wrong, as you note. Bitcoin is not violence. That's just another absurd doublethink attack..

@waxwing I mugged am old lady today with Bitcoin... I ran past her shouting "get Bisq, stack SATs".

Luckily for her I left my fighter jet at home.


:) The serious point is the whole "is money really optional?" part. We really want people to be able to freely choose which form of money transact with but it's kinda hard.

@waxwing Exactly! Cryptography is purely defensive. Whenever someone calls a non-violent thing "violent", you can safely assume that they're doing it solely to justify actual violence against non-violent people.

You know where they (the #corporateFascists and fake #identityLeft who are apparently #antifa) are trying to go with this, right?

They via Cloudflare access are preparing a massive cyberAttack, think 911. And just like 911 the falseFlag will be steered at an enemy with resources, but not lithium in Afghanistan, but #bitcoiners and small independant banks and #shops that accept it.

The greatest thing we can do it setup bitcoin accounts with local businesses, now.


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