There's a lot to argue about in Soros' opinion piece here:

... but maybe the substantive point is, Xi is really, actually trying to move away from a markets based society. (*trying*). The fact that, as Soros points out, investment by funds that claim "ESG" credentials into CCP controlled firms is beyond disgraceful, is not really new.

Dictator Xi (sorry "Xi Da Da") started his now infinite term by trying to catch the ...


"tigers and the flies" of corruption, but his recent actions are way more ambitious, he's trying to make a dent in the massive economic machine put in motion by Deng Xiao Ping back in the late 70s. Just one example, he's banned for profit education, but there are things happening in big tech, real estate, stock market, everything.

World markets are starting to react but the real question is whether China maintains internal stability through this. Maybe if he goes slow ...

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