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This means that you can write a RPC client against the OpenAPI/swagger definitions in there. It does all the basic wallet, taker and maker functions, just some of the "advanced" features are missing.
Feel free to spread this info to anyone who likes building a web type UI for Joinmarket. We have a couple of proof of concepts in React and Angular but they're not up to date with that spec. There's even a bounty, fwiw.

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@waxwing would the following repo be the one to contribute to for a React implementation?


Thanks for the interest :)

Yes and no; that one was created over the summer as part of the 'Summer of Bitcoin' project. We were using it as a way to test out the RPC, but it is also true that it could be further developed into a fully fledged client.

So either: make something entirely separate, or sure feel free to build on that. PRs welcome; note in particular, that the calls in that client are not up to date with the spec that was finally merged.

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