Does anyone else use Zeus on Android to connect to a remote LN node serving over Tor?

I find it frustrating because it does connect, after 10-20 seconds, most of the time, but often I get 'connection timed out' and it's just not reliable enough to want to use it because of that. Does anyone else have that experience?

I used to use Zap and it was far more reliable using that slightly dodgy 'IP2Tor' mechanism, but that stopped working in Zap about a year ago.
Is there another option?

@waxwing Had the same issue when I tried it out a few months ago, but was mainly put off by the fact that it stored credentials unencrypted.

@raucao I take it you mean Zeus here. Please do tell details if poss.

@waxwing Yes, Zeus. Was just exactly as you describe and I did not investigate at the time.


@raucao right, but which credentials in particular? There are so many :)

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@waxwing All of them, as there's no PIN or other secret to decrypt any of them when starting the app.

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