@beachbardave @raucao it means that whatever credentials you use to connect to your node (example: macaroons for lnd) can't be encrypted, since there's no secret.

@beachbardave @raucao he's just pointing out that when you open Zeus, it just .. opens; no password, no biometric, nothing. Now I write it out, aren't some other LN wallets like that? I tend not to take it too seriously as only playing with them for now, but it's a meaningful question for sure!

@raucao right, but which credentials in particular? There are so many :)

@dipunm yep, thanks. I tried exactly that a couple hours ago but i think i accidentally put 'zap' instead of 'zap-android'. This should be good, and as a backup i might get some socat script running on a vps to pipe requests through to my node from my phone, I'm thinking particularly about times I'm travelling and want to make sure I don't get blocked by a flaky connection.

So i logged in using lnauth to lnmarkets.com and deposited some sats. (This just needed 2 QR code scans, nothing else). Then i clicked 'all in' on 50x btc futures. Of course.

Was down 40% in a few seconds. This is great.

@dipunm i got it working by:

uncommenting this: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

and resubscribing to the old IP2Tor service on the raspiblitz, then following the raspiblitz workflow for creating a QR code for Zap to scan.

@raucao I take it you mean Zeus here. Please do tell details if poss.

@dipunm yep, like i said at the start, i used to use it and it was reliable. Now I'm not sure how to get the tor config onto Zap though, as there is no longer an option in the raspiblitz to connect to it.

@dipunm oh maybe i missed that Zap has Tor built in now? Let me try updating it and see if I can get it working if so?

@beachbardave (to your question, no, not yet at least).

Crash after each tx: it's been a while since I transacted with it, but I didn't get that before. I'll report back when I get round to trying it.

I have a nasty feeling it might depend on mobile network level things. Like, the connection to Tor on there is super-flaky maybe. I guess I can test that.

I'm tempted to stick a proxy on a vps or something and connect to that instead, but, extremely yucky and unscalable solution.

Does anyone else use Zeus on Android to connect to a remote LN node serving over Tor?

I find it frustrating because it does connect, after 10-20 seconds, most of the time, but often I get 'connection timed out' and it's just not reliable enough to want to use it because of that. Does anyone else have that experience?

I used to use Zap and it was far more reliable using that slightly dodgy 'IP2Tor' mechanism, but that stopped working in Zap about a year ago.
Is there another option?

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Netflix just chose to help the U.S. government with smearing Julian Assange just 3 days before his crucial extradition court hearing, by offering a blatant propaganda film from 2013 to their users:



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Museums are finding it nearly impossible to post imagery containing artistic nudity on social media because their posts keep getting deleted and accounts suspended or banned, so Vienna's museums opened a page on OnlyFans.


TikTok closed the Alberta museum account for showing an obscured woman's breast.

Facebook ruled the 25,000 year old Venus of Willendorf figurine as pornographic and removed the post.

@ajtowns yes, even if the same person is at multiple points on the route (e.g. A-B-...destination, if B is A) then you'd end up locking whatever funds you are transferring somewhere. Or as you say, otherwise someone else is doing it, which is even less conceivable.

@dflate @kekcoin re: your last question, I don't know, re: on chain no one to sue/no network trace, definitely, for sure. I'm interested in this weird scenario only in as much as it might plausibly join the ahem "anon set" of *lost* coins. (As you can see from my follow up, no, I agree it doesn't really work right now unless you view things very optimistically!).

@kekcoin but a channel close is an on-chain event? the (admittedly silly) proposition is that you're claiming the channel open transaction sent coins to a location that no one has the privkey for.

One plus and one minus:

+ taproot for the channel payment so it isn't obviously a channel

- but LN uses channel ids that have the txid. ouch.

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Plausible boat accident-ability:

Pay your KYC coins into a channel.

Then go boating.

Then report the loss; the funds are never going to move, I swear.

Then spend the whole chan capacity out somewhere.

Then, the tricky part, don't close the channel until ... the government collapses? Or, uh ..?

(This is weird, silly etc. but I'd like to hear people's refinements on it. Even though silly the general principle might be interesting).

@ademan @pete for context, python-bitcointx is a python-bitcoinlib fork that added some stuff, especially segwit related but a couple other things (also it dropped some p2p layer related things afaict)

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