I just had a weird thought, probably complete rubbish, but what if they seized the guy's computer and he already had an account set up with the centralized mixer to long-term mix and so it just kept going afterwards and they didn't even know? 😂

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h/t @J9Roem on block digest #265 - there are so many headscratchers in this case (the intro sections of the article are less important, it's the details of the specific asset seizure and (non) disbursement below that are amazing):

(why do the docs, more than once, explicitly report 39.67004483 for output 1 of d81b.. when it's actually 39.67004888 ? doesn't match tx fee e.g.).

(and .. wtf is this huge mixing address 1P9R ...?!)


Looks like blocks are taking about 1.5-3BTC in fees with current mining slowdown, i.e. 20-35% of block reward. At those levels censorship starts to become a punishingly expensive proposition for a business.

(But of course right now, using base layer Bitcoin is also .. expensive! This is probably a taste of what's to come in future.).

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We're not 'on the lookout' for double spends to sound the alarm and catch the cheater. We merely adjudicate which one of the spends is valid.

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I will run...

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After reading latest @jimmysong newsletter I couldn't resist clicking on the link to the latest on the Ethereum hard fork. Lol

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.@OKEx has announced that it has integrated Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, allowing faster and cheaper transactions for users.

@namcios covers the details:


Link to someone describing the answer I came up with; there are clearly other *framings* of "the" solution though I couldn't say if they're all fundamentally exactly the same:



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(2/n) Hint 

It's always a great idea to reduce bigger problems to much smaller cases to start with. Solve at least a 2x2 case first.

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The puzzle described in the first couple of minutes of this video is really fun, if pretty hard!


I got "the" solution in about 2 or 3 hours (apparently this is not as bad as it sounds!).

Let me give a stupidly vague hint and then a link to the answer I came up with. (1/n)

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@michaelfolkson i mean to state the obvious, I have no idea, but:

I've never understood much the idea of holding stock in the company that generates your income, you should diversify and hold *other* stocks, if anything. In this case there is probably (conjecture) an even stronger effect: many of those type of people probably have ~ huge holdings directly in cryptocurrency, making it make even less sense to hold something like Coinbase stock as well.


"Crypto" casinos^H^H exchanges have been a massive cash printer for years (as long as you can somehow get a bank and/or regulator to not kill you - which is of course the really hard part, even harder than not being hacked).

I don't like betting against multi year trends like that. (But not an endorsement)

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@pete I definitely would have donated today if you had this set up on a btcpayserver page or similar :)

But more to your point, when I read: bitcoindevlist.com/ I notice that a lot of people are using tippin.me and tallyco.in ... I think everything is linked to twitter accounts which is :( from my POV but maybe it's a realistic practical fit since you mentioned "in a tweet"?

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On days (weeks) like these (half of Chinese mining looks to have fallen over), when trying out donations on someone's server, it's nice that I and they have LN set up ...

If you want people to pay you in BTC nowadays you really should have LN. ⚡

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Next Wednesday's Bitcoin Core PR Review Club dives into the Minisketch C++ library.

Our host Pieter Wuille will guide us through libminisketch, which implements the PinSketch set reconciliation algorithm behind the efficient relay protocol in Erlay.

Notes and questions are up at:


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