@stephanlivera i mean sure, to some extent, that has to be true :) But I think it's an interesting phenomenon from multiple angles, and re: longevity, we could see this as the start of a variety of different crowdsourced campaigns (maybe, not that I have a clue). Little known fact: long before he became a famous ... err ... "commentator", Max Keiser was advocating for something vaguely similar "karmabanque" where people would sort of crowdsource shareholder activism.

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> it's pretty clear what is meant with "natural"

I don't think it's clear at all, even in other contexts ... I would go as far as to say that the distinction between artificial and natural is ... artificial :)

But anyway, In this particular case it's as unclear as it gets. There is no objective distinction between "artificial" and "natural" prices.

Laws like this exist so govt agencies can exert power at whim, it's dressed up as ethics and people are dumb enough to buy it.

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Electrum can now download the Bitcoin whitepaper from the Bitcoin blockchain.

@kekcoin lol (yes, obviously), but it also reminds me of that funny debate about what "natural" even means. literally everything is natural, it's a tautology. Food is made of chemicals 🤯

This is apparently the "definition" of "market manipulation". What passes for law is such drivel.

(from Matt Levine's newsletter):

" (1) That the accused had the ability to influence market prices; (2) that the accused specifically intended to create or effect a price or price trend that does not reflect legitimate forces of supply and demand; (3) that artificial prices existed; and (4) that the accused caused the artificial prices."

"legitimate", "artificial", "intended". 🤡 🤦‍♂️

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This PR should now be fully testable, see the doc added to it for details on how:


For those less interested in the main functionality, you might find the little scanning tool `snicker-finder.py` interesting because it also finds coinjoins if you add the `-j` option, I think it does a decent job of avoiding false positives. Unfortunately, being Python, it takes several seconds per block in the range you choose (obviously more high performance tools exist!).

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New open source license attempts to stop people from using its software if they are accused of having opinions which run contrary to promotion of human rights.


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#BlockstreamGreen just got a big upgrade. We're excited to announce CheckSequenceVerify (CSV) support is now deployed. #Bitcoin transactions using Blockstream Green will now be more private (no email needed) and trust-minimized. 🛡️⏱️🔑 blockstream.com/2021/01/25/en-

@rumblestiltskin i pretty much ignore medium links nowadays. Often they block me from reading blogs without signing up(? I think). They seem to have become less popular(?).

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Great reverse psychology marketing imo 🤠

RT @leo Seen at a gas station in Munich: "We don't accept Bitcoin."

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#bitcoin user not affected

> Tommy Robinson was just deplatformed by his bank. This kind of social fascism is the product of left-wing intolerance, conservatives everywhere should sit up and take note: you're next.

@midnightmagic @grubles there are also no signature campaigns .. yet 😂

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Neat: Slush pool's "pick your own block to mine" scheme rewards miners proportionally to the value of the block they're mining.

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@openoms @evankaloudis thanks, this looks really cool, although i haven't studied any details.
Wouldn't this naturally be something lnd does itself, though?

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