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I keep forgetting to check this website regularly ever since I became aware of it at one of the old Berlin hackdays:

This is the page for the legendary NY "bitdevs" meetups/socratics which unfortunately were always kept private, however the pages for each of the Socratic seminars give tons of links to recent updates and research. Seems like very few people keep up with things as meticulously!

Been listening to podcasts and streaming sats on Breez last few days. Very nice interface.

Apparently they are somewhat "funding" onboarding by giving users liquidity for free at the moment, at least according to what I heard. But I'm not sure if that's a big deal.

Admittedly the "pay to upload songs people want" sounds borderline unworkable 😂
... you could do something janky like specify the hash of the mp3 file but that doesn't make much sense (if you already have the hash, you have the file!) ... apart from some janky reputation thing, it seems unlikely to work.

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Bitcoin/Lightning shower thought:

Infinite Jukebox. Set up a hidden service that automatically allows people to: (a) vote for songs they want (b) upload highly voted songs and get paid in sats (c) stream music from the server for 10sat/minute or whatever.

There may be some technical, legal and ethical issues with this idea 🤔 But it's fun.

(Hidden service would be good for a lot of reasons, but also I would note Tor is generally definitely good enough for audio nowadays).

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“The humiliations which once had been devised with criminals alone in mind now were imposed upon the traveler, before and during every journey. There had to be photographs from right and left, in profile and full face, one’s hair had to be cropped sufficiently to make the ears visible; fingerprints were taken, at first only the thumb but later all ten fingers; furthermore, certificates of health, of vaccination, police certificates of good standing, had to be shown; letters of recommendation were required, invitations to visit a country had to be procured; they asked for the addresses of relatives, for moral and financial guarantees, questionnaires, and forms in triplicate and quadruplicate needed to be filled out,”

― Stefan Zweig, The World of Yesterday
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Question for the statists out there:

Why should the Australian govt have any legitimate claim to my income when it is actively stopping me from travelling and carrying on my actual business?

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the pleroma experience is very different from mastodon simply because mastodon only displays the first post of a thread on the timeline with no option to display replies there too

which means there’s a lot more shouting into the void and a lot less interaction and a lot less incentive to follow and be friends with people

this is gargamel’s plot to make you unhappy

install pleroma today
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New release of Electrum Personal Server. Fixed issue with lag for large mempools, most users would just disable the mempool histogram for large mempools, with this update that is no longer an issue. Also, now slightly easier to run with automating tools like systemd. Connect your Electrum wallet to your own full node today!

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Just tried #Matrix and #Element on #linux desktop for a video call 🎧 .

And it #justworked.

I love it when things work exactly as you expect them to work for the first time.

Keep on the good work ,guys developing programms for us end users!

I know this is not news, but peertube has supported live streaming since the January 3.0.0 release:

Has anyone used or interacted with it at all? Curious

I found this list of lnurl supporting services to be an interesting read:

Btw Zeus seems to work with it fine (I topped up bitrefill using it).

Part of the complexity appears to be that there are separate defined protocols (pay, withdraw, auth..) so a wallet 'supports lnurl' isn't quite enough info.

Lloyd Fournier is always worth a read.

"Proof of squarespace" here is a nice joke name, but also the arguments are definitely worth a read:

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Libera is a week old, and we've come strong out the blocks. Thank you to our 20,000 users for your support, enthusiasm, and patience.

I've written a little about our first week and some of the projects we host here:


#irc #liberachat

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I got Orbot working for the Zeus LN wallet (connected to my home lnd/raspiblitz).

But ugh, it was very nasty to get Orbot to do anything (in previous attempts it has always largely falied, now I can *just* get it to transfer a few kB at a time and make a LN payment). Any tips on exactly how to configure Orbot so it isn't like 1% as fast as Tor normally is?

On a Samsung galaxy android phone.

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Don't worry about mining councils. We need to focus on the important things: finishing Stratum V2 and getting widespread adoption. Cypherpunks write code.

Sparrow wallet looks like an interesting bitcoin wallet project:

They have payjoin/BIP78 support since 0.9.7 ; I'm not sure but I think they don't yet have receiving support, only sending.

Anyway it looks cool (some focus on coldcard support), but disclaimer I have not yet used it.

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