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2/ While you are maybe waiting for bitcoin’s price to go to the moon, one Bitcoin transaction was already on the moon. On April 24th 2021 a transaction was sent from Belo Horizonte to the Moon and back to Campinas.

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On the off chance that any Joinmarket users are reading here, if you happen to run off master, there was a commit 4 days ago that made tumbler re-use change addresses in some cases; so update immediately because I fixed that bug.

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@lizard @htimsxela I think LND only supports RBF and CPFP for regular onchain payments. You can't RBF a channel open because that changes its txid, which is used in the presigned refund transaction needed in case your channel counterparty becomes non-cooperative before you handle even a single LN payment. You can't CPFP a channel open without your channel counterparty since a channel open is a deposit into a 2-of-2 address.

I wrote this on 1st Feb 2020, probably a week or two after I first heard about the virus:

Apparently the "lab theory" is not nonsense (who woulda thought it!), but that's not the story, the story is that well over a year later, most of our friends are still using the cancer that is corporate/SV social media, that would indeed, and regularly did, "cancel" people for expressing this opinion.


Looks like about half these were audited in some sense or other.

Click the names to see details (interesting site!). Good luck understanding it though, lol.

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"Police in Beijing have distributed printed warnings about potential risks associated with cryptocurrencies."

"One investor said local authorities required him to sell his holdings. Another said police asked him to delete the trading app from his phone."

A detail that makes sense if you know recent Chinese history:

"Chinese officials see their success cleaning up the peer-to-peer lending industry two years ago as a model for its cryptocurrency crackdown"

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Really worth a read on current developments in Bitcoin in China:

"Once both sides agree on a price, the buyer will use a separate payments platform -- operated by their bank or a fintech company like Ant Group Co. -- to send yuan to the seller. The digital coins, usually held in escrow by the OTC platform until the yuan payment clears, are then transferred to the buyer. Chinese regulators often have no way to connect one step of the transaction to the other."

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libera's matrix bridging functionality works surprisingly well, to access bitcoin-core-dev through a matrix (instead of IRC) client you can use:

Interesting case. The EFF's commentary is a bit strange/naive ... they keep saying paypal should have standards of customer service and respond to queries, but thet have been entirely removed from financial services in general - fin. institutions routinely stonewall and say zero to customers that they have blocked. Like how there are explicit legal provisions in *most* countries now that seizure of customer accounts does not require proof of crime, etc.

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The number of #Bitcoin addresses with a non-zero balance has been decreasing a bit lately

A likely explanation for this IMO: lots of folks using the mempool clearing to consolidate (dust) transactions 🧹

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #151 is here:

- describes a proposal to change Bitcoin Core’s transaction selection algorithm for miner block templates to slightly increase miner profitability and give fee bumping users more collective leverage
- announces HWI 2.0.2
- announces LND 0.13.0-beta.rc3
- notes changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software

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András Györfi, the project's initiator, said that the Bitcoin creator's real-world identity doesn't matter. Instead, he claimed, Nakamoto's invention is what "opened a new chapter in the history of the internet."

@namcios covers the story:

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Just saw on the matrix lightning integration channel that these guys are now bundling matrix (along with already: tor, bitcoind, lnd, c-lightning, mastodon) into their "embassy" node package (which is a packaged raspi as i understand):

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The ability to send change to a custom external address is now merged in Joinmarket master:

I'm now in the process of testing the fidelity bond PR #872 in meticulous detail (it's one of the biggest changes we've ever had so it's not going to be done lightly! But it's going very well so far).

h/t hackernews, this is a really interesting read on "studyweb" ; online studying tools have changed quite a bit in the last decade:

(tip to students: turn it all off. if you have anything close to silence available, use it, it's a gift not given to everyone ...)

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