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The #LightningNetwork has more active nodes than the fediverse now (according to I'd like to see 100K+ nodes for both protocols!

Currently reading:

which is very interesting (the above is only tangentially related).

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... appealing to users than a browser that fails to render these sites. Once one browser vendor implements content sniffing, the other browser vendors are forced to follow suit or risk losing market share."

The reader will be shocked to learn that this opens browser users to attacks.

The pattern is everywhere: to butcher the Franklin quote, "those who give up security for usability will eventually end up with neither."

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From , the introduction explains the concept of "content-sniffing":

"For compatibility, every Web browser employs a content-sniffing algorithm that inspects the contents of HTTP responses and occasionally overrides the MIME type provided by the server. For example, these algorithms let browsers render the approximately 1% of HTTP responses that lack a Content-Type header. In a competitive browser market, a browser that guesses the “correct” MIME type is more .. (1/2)

Looks like UK police seized about $240 million of cryptocurrency.

A few weeks back there was a very similar case reported, but according to the article this is a new case, slightly larger. I'm very curious if we are ever going to hear what the criminal activity involved is?

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In the past two weeks I found multiple times that the #Bitcoin Core maintainer @orionwl PGP pubkey is not accessible on:
Not sure if it is intentional or just some server issue @CobraBitcoin?

Can fall back to:

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Actually according to this old post it's a *mean* of 2BTC, not median, which is slightly more meaningful perhaps:

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(Take with a pinch of salt; I only sample this data very occasionally):

81 Joinmarket coinjoins in the last 24 hours according to the `snicker-finder` tool in the repo.

(As discussed previously, false positives on these are very rare; it's probably ~ right).

This is probably ~ 150% higher than what I usually see. This is doubtless due to very low fee environment.

Iirc median size tends to be around 2BTC though I haven't checked sizes on this dataset.

If you were planning on doing any experiments with bitcoin such as setting up your first lightning node with a few channels, or double checking cold wallets, or trying out some coinjoins, well, there have been much worse times to do it ...

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key quote:
"You do not have to invest any money in. Just learn how crypto works, how to get it, and how to send it. That knowledge cannot be taken away from you—and it might prove useful, sooner rather than later."

Podcast recommendation time:

Stephan Livera's recent interview with roasbeef is really good.
Covers a bunch of stuff including some thoughts on the El Salvador situation, future softforks and new/old opcodes and more out there stuff like multiparty channels/payment pools.

(A bit easier to understand than usual, but yeah you always have to strap in for Laolu :) ).

I would just like to thank the ECB for having deposits be charged at negative interest, for encouraging me never to hold that shit if I can possibly avoid it 👍

(e.g. check out EUR holding rates on IB in this table:

The Tor project in 2021: "How do you want to donate? Credit card or Paypal?"


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Bitrefill's KPLC gift card lets you pay your power bill with Bitcoin

"The Kenya Power and Lighting Company KPLC (Kenya Power) owns and operates most of the electricity transmission and distribution system in the country and sells electricity to over 8 million as at end of June 2020."

On #Fedi, follow @Bitrefill.

#Bitcoin :bitcoin: #Kenya 🇰🇪 #KPLC #KenyaPower #Bitrefill #Prepaid #Electric #Utility #ElectricUtility #Electricity #Utilities #Payments #BitcoinPayment

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They're not trying very hard to hide their hypocrisy:

> Private jets will enjoy an exemption through classification of "business aviation" as the use of aircraft by firms for carriage of passengers or goods as an "aid to the conduct of their business", if generally considered not for public hire. A further exemption is given for "pleasure" flights whereby an aircraft is used for "personal or recreational" purposes not associated with a business or professional use.

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Thank you for the responsible disclosure and fix.
Link to the thread for the #fediverse:
RT @bisq_network
Statement regarding privacy vulnerability patched in Bisq v1.7.0


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