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Looks like taproot will lock-in ~ 24hrs from now (140 blocks needed).

Developers who want to make things using taproot can then start, safely.

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“The public has a distorted view of science because children are taught in school that science is a collection of firmly established truths. In fact, science is not a collection of truths. It is a continuing exploration of mysteries.”

— Freeman Dyson

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New BIS proposal on 'Prudential treatment of cryptoassets exposure' divides coins into two groups:

Group 1: tokenized assets, assets w/ stabilisation mechanisms, fall under existing Basel Framework w/ some tweaks

Group 2: all others (e.g Bitcoin) get risk weight of 1250%

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I think it's absolutely amazing and inspirational to see what Jack Mallers has already achieved and look forward to what more he'll achieve :)

Me vs fraies' "master magician"

(fallen shepherd ft. RabbiTon Strings - ENDYMION):

A very unique and striking piece of music, and the map just blew my mind back in 2019 when i first saw someone beat it - especially the ending.

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People seem to have this idea that everyone working on proof-of-work coins is some kind of cartoon villain whose life work it is to ruin the environment.

Even if you know nothing about blockchain, the whole mental model of a "cult of planet destroyers" just makes no sense.

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Interactive Brokers will offer crypto trading by the end of the summer

"Customers certainly are asking for [crypto trading]."

"Currently, Interactive Brokers offers the trading of bitcoin futures on its platform."

"Rival brokers Fidelity and Charles Schwab don’t offer direct crypto trading on their platforms."

"Interactive Brokers [has 1.33M customer accts.]

#Bitcoin :bitcoin: #InteractiveBrokers #IB #Trading #Exchange #BitcoinExchange #Crypto #CryptoExchange #CNBC

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The most ironic thing about El Salvador actively trying to attract bitcoin businesses may just be that the country's 2-letter ISO code is "SV".

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At this rate, Taproot (BIPs 340-342) should be locked in by Friday, with activation slated for ~November.

Bitcoin's upgrade cycle is by design slow and steady, so it may be prudent to begin reviewing the BIP 118 SIGHASH_ANYPREVOUT proposal now:

Check out

For what it's worth: heard on the Risky Business podcast (IT security stuff), their working theory is that (a) perp is a teenager, heard from multiple sources, (b) the coins were actually seized they think most likely, by some govt agents "popping a shell" (or otherwise hacking) and simply sending the funds out of the perp's wallet. Interesting! No idea if true.

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #152 is here:

- describes a proposal to allow LN nodes to receive payments without keeping their private keys online all the time
- summarizes the 'Prune g_chainman usage in auxiliary modules' PR Review Club Meeting
- announces LND 0.13.0-beta.rc5
- notes changes in Bitcoin Core, C-Lightning, LND, and BTCPay Server projects

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Excited about the El Salvador #Bitcoin news? There's lots of companies hiring in the space, keep an eye on @BitcoinerJobs

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El Salvador has officially adopted #Bitcoin as legal tender, passing with a supermajority vote.

Let freedom ring! 🇸🇻🇸🇻

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Transcript of @rusty discussing improving the Lightning Network on the Wasabi podcast with @maxhillebrand. Some interesting Lightning and privacy conversation (in addition to many other topics)

"To determine if your account is associated with an ongoing investigation, please enter any device details below:"


How many mistakes? Reused address. Round amount. Mixed script types (not sender's fault). Then receiver sends straight to exchange with zero obfuscation.

Honestly tinfoil may be required in the face of this 🤡 behaviour.

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Is #Bitcoin's Lightning Network vapourware? Just in one town in El Salvador, there are thousands of people using it on a daily basis.

Listen to the full episode with @Bitcoinbeach

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I noticed that recently morning edition often has an update by the time I read it. Today it removed a brief on donations to by the and . Replaced with (positive) trade figures.

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