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1/ My essay "Can Bitcoin be Palestine's Currency of Freedom?" is now live.

I spoke to Palestinians to learn how they are using Bitcoin as a peaceful protest to overcome staggering financial barriers 🇵🇸 ⚡

My chat with a user in Gaza blew my mind 🧵:

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DNA pulled from thin air identifies nearby animals | Science | AAAS

So how long until this gets used to track people?

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #158 is here:

- describes recent changes to services and client software
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: why wallets should wait before generating taproot addresses, lists
- announces LND 0.13.1-beta, Rust-Lightning 0.0.99, Eclair 0.6.1

is now merged. You can now run maker bots with fidelity bonds in Joinmarket (it's backwards compatible, so old bots just ignore the bonds). Read more at

Expect a 0.9.0 release shortly.

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Cutting off one of your legs decreases your BMI, but when you cut off the
other one it shoots way up again
-Terrific_Soporific, Jan 2016

Would love to know what specific brand of dumb led to this:

$8M lost to a reuse of a nonce in an ECDSA signature:

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Computers should allow an alternative password that unlocks your computer but
also closes all open windows.
-TheAbjectLol, Sep 2015

Interesting concept here:

Haven't used it to be clear; wonder if there's an attempt to use reputation.

The paper this is based on:

Actually really interesting. Not quite like just a "AND of sigma protocols" in which you share a hash challenge across multiple assertions, but a randomized linear combination of sigma protocols (forcing unpredictable weightings for each of the signatures), and outputting (R_1..R_n, S_agg). At least that's my at-first-skim sense of it. That's pretty powerful, and I'm not surprised they have a decent security proof for it.

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Signature half-aggregation in libsecp256k1 with the blockstream guys, looks interesting for the cryptography nerds out there:

.. that i needed not just `python-dev` on my system, and not just `python3-dev`, but in fact i specifically needed `python3.7-dev` to avoid a compilation error. Sheesh.

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Python versions can be quite annoying sometimes.
I run Ubuntu 1804LTS as my "daily driver" for messing around with code and for browsing, and it has python3.6 as a default; don't even get me started that there's still one or two things that want me to use python2 (it's very rare nowadays), but tiny incompatibilities of different py3 versions often crop up. Like, I just installed py-libp2p but was at first bewildered that following the repo install instructions failed - it turned out (1/2)

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if we had banned plastic straws sooner none of this would have happened

The WHO director, I shit you not:

"He said there had been a “premature push” to rule out the theory that the virus might have escaped from a Chinese government lab in Wuhan - undermining WHO’s own March report, which concluded that a laboratory leak was “extremely unlikely.”

“I was a lab technician myself, I’m an immunologist, and I have worked in the lab, and lab accidents happen,” Tedros said. “It’s common.”

I suspect (..guess) he is just feeling the heat from certain quarters in the US.

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When Brave started, I dug their idea. Then they did an ICO, and more crap.

Today I got cut from "uphold" some crappy crypto exchange. The only way to get your money, (well, BAT) in and out of brave.

Brave is literally nothing better than paypal or Google.

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Blue Wallet has announced its new mobile Lightning Network implementation based on the Lightning Dev Kit, bringing convenient features to its users.

"Britain should introduce the world’s first sugar and salt reformulation tax and use some of the proceeds to expand free school meals and support diets in deprived communities, according to the National Food Strategy. It stopped short on recommending a levy on meat, while calling for measures to cut its consumption by 30% in the next decade."

There is nothing they won't ruin by idiotic bureaucracy. Even food now (not that it hasn't already happened).

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