This isn't talked about enough:
Storing your mnemonic seed alone isn't enough, you also need to store the derivation path.

Ledger Live software is generally unusable on my (Debian Sid) system. It does enable RBF when creating a tx, but it doesn't allow you to bump the fee.
Had some serious issues when importing my seed into Electrum until I found out it was using an incorrect derivation path. Only when I (manually) fixed that, I could see I had > 0 satoshis.

Write it down to avoid panic ;)

@FreePietje how do i find the derivation path of my wallets, i use like 3-4 wallets that are all different, wasabi, electrum, cold card and green address...

Do a web search and/or ask the creators of those wallets.
And you should then try whether you can successfully restore your wallet into another one.
Please do it on an offline machine for security reasons!

This in and of itself proves my point.

It's in the help docs for Ledger (and GUI). While Electrum allows you to specify it during import, I can't seem to find it with an actual wallet ...

I haven't tried Wasabi myself yet, but this looks relevant:


This was a long winded (and hopefully more useful) way of saying: I don't know.
But you can find it out now, without being stressed out ;)

Ledger's derivation path can be more complex then I first realized (I only used 1 'account'):

@FreePietje thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate it.

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