You know when we are trying to convince our friends and families to leave platforms like Facebook it can be a bit of a sisyphean task. To be honest it is. If Facebook goes there will always be another platform like it. But that doesn't mean we can stop. It does mean we do what we can to try and support each other in this space. To build better community platforms that are decentralized. And yes I did just mention a Greek myth.

Uphill battle certainly, but not necessarily Sisyphean. I think the Snowden leaks and more recent exposures of Big Tech's violations have at least opened more eyes. There will always be people who don't care, and those who do. I think realistic success will look more like positively tipping the balance and continuing to open eyes rather than getting to a point where we have a perfect relationship with tech. But of course that perfect relationship is what we should always aim for.


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I think/fear we 'techies' overestimate the impact of the Snowden leaks, illustrated brilliantly and funny by John Oliver:

The apathy wrt Big Tech abuses is also worrying.

This doesn't mean I disagree with you.

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@FreePietje @syntax @onepict The two go hand in hand:

Big Tech not only spies on us as badly as the government, Big Tech also willingly hands that data over to the government for free, whether there is legal authority or not, and without concern over the potential harms of doing so.

Oh my goodness the 🍆 example of sharing and how the NSA gets your data. is genius! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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