Stratum V2 has been published!
Inspired by Matt's BetterHash, V2 aims to make mining more decentralized!

@stevenroose Nice work. I'm trying to write a spec in bikeshed (for writing specs)...

@freemo Is that a spec writing tool of some sort? Could you link it, DDG isn't very helpful :)

@stevenroose Here ya go. This is the closest we have to a standard for spec writing. It is used by multiple standards boards including W3C. You can also look into ReSpec which is the tool they used to use before moving mostly to bikeshed

@freemo That's cool! Never heard of that. But well, you know Bitcoin's attachment to the mediawiki BIP format :)

@stevenroose Yea im writing the spec for the cryptocurrency im currently developing in bikeshed so i can submit to W3C after its ready and tested.

Considering how many boards use it, plus how beautiful and feature rich it is, it seemed like a no-brainer for me.

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